Welcome To Diby Leather Craft House

Welcome To Diby Leather Craft House

Welcome To Diby Leather

welcome to our production house
diby leather has been established since 2012, and innovates products in the field of leather bags with colorful coloring techniques.
We are a manufacturer of cowhide leather bag which is different from the others. We accept the manufacture of special cowhide leather bags and also sell wholesale and retail.
We accept resellers and dropshippers

diby developed by issuing an innovation product that was the first in Indonesia, by making a technique of coloring patterns on cow leather painted on water

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ebru cell motif
one motif one item
different teknik colour for leather

we develop a sustainable business by empowering women around us and guiding them to be strong women who can help the family economy and be productive even as women who struggle alone for their children

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