About us
About us
Hello, i am Ayu

I am a housewife, since 2004 I have been selling online, as a fill in the blanks of my activities every time I gather.
in 2011 I moved to a city that is Yogyakarta, and in 2012 I started my small business in the field of leather bag crafts.
I employ local residents who are almost all women, because I want women not only to be proficient in household matters but they can develop their resources as assets for their families later, where they can also help the economy for their families

I want that women can be equal to men without forgetting their degrees as a woman and wife

who we are

Diby is a local brand created by the sons of the nation, based on genuine cow leather crafts made of finished products, bags, clucths, shoes and jackets, Diby started its business with a pre-order system and also made in accordance with the model of the custumer and can also provide brand labels for custumer.

2017 Diby made an innovation in the field of tannery, by doing skin coloring techniques painted in water and is in the process of making patents. Where this product received appreciation and also awards from various agencies both locally and nationally.

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meet us at each exhibition

meet us in all the existing events, such as local exhibitions and also national-level international international.

carrying local products with materials obtained from local areas, and utilizing industrial waste to be used again for manufacturing products.

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we accepted
owning a dream bag is not difficult now

leave it all to us, give your dream bag model and we will turn it into a product that is what you want

You can even provide a brand for your own bag, because we serve for personal, corporate and business cooperation, both for resseler and dropshippers

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